July 9th - Chase Jackson Quartet. The Sound Room. Oakland, CA.

July 10th - Wake The Wild at The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.

July 20 - 23rd: KNMDK Residency. The Black Cat. San Francisco, CA. 

July 20 - 21st: Masterclasses and Clinics at Berkeley High School & Oakland School Of The Arts. Oakland, CA

August 4th - Wake The Wild at The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA. 

August 13th - Chase Jackson Quartet. The Black Cat. San Francisco, CA

Sept 10th - Chase Jackson Solo Vibes & Electronics Show. Ham & Eggs Tavern. Los Angeles, CA. 

Sept 14th - Chase Jackson Quartet. Private Event. Los Angeles, CA. 

Sept 30th - BHS All Star Band Feat. Courtney Knott. Private Event, Berkeley, CA.